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Hello all,

I'd like to let you know about a campaign we have launched in collaboration with iconic photographer Rankin.

Working with six renowned make-up artists he has produced some incredible images to highlight the fact that women are twice as likely to be blind as men. We’re launching a micro-site to showcase these stunning images, and it would be great if you could view the site, share the link below with your fellow fans, and become a fan of Sightsavers on Facebook and Twitter!

Click here to view the micro-site:

To find out more about Sightsavers work regarding women and blindness please visit:[women]/women.html

I hope this is of interest!

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Comment by Christine Egger on October 12, 2009 at 11:24am
Hi Fred, thank you for sharing this here. Very compelling photos ~ I found myself wincing, wondering whether I would want to keep my eyes open for each one. They're powerful, difficult, and yet respectful of the women being photographed AND of the viewer's capacity to see the issue within the image.
Comment by GoGreen on October 23, 2009 at 12:54pm
Are you wondering what more you can do to halt global warming?

On November 8th, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, international speakers will share new data on climate change, the current global food and water crises, the cause of global pandemics and innovative solutions.

The Speakers include:

Dr. Stephen Schneider, Team member of the United Nations IPCC - Nobel Prize Winner 2007
Maneka Gandhi, Former Environment Minister for India
Dr. Michael Greger, Director of Animal Agriculture for the Humane Society of the US.

Be a part of this historic event and join others who are determined to leave a healthy planet for our children and all future generations.

Admission is Free and includes:

a Climate Change Exhibit
Golden Era Art Exhibit
and a Grand Buffet.

To register go to or call 1-888-884-5901

That's or call 1-888-884-5901


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