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Top 5 Ways You Can Use Facebook and Ning for Social Change

In this article, we highlight five ways to use Facebook and Ning, and then feature a few social media success stories that leverage one or both platforms.


1. Create a group or 'fan' page for your cause
2. Recruit attendees for an event
3. Share video and images from an event
4. Raise money using Causes, ChipIn, or Firstgiving
5. Post links to blog entries and calls to action

At Social Actions, we use Facebook primarily to post links to blog entries and calls to action. We also maintain a 'fan' page.

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1. Help your supporters meet each other and collaborate
2. Broadcast messages to your most active supporters
3. Get feedback on a new initiative or program
4. Attract new supporters to your cause
5. Feature supporters who are making the most impact

Social Actions maintains a Ning-powered branded social network called My Social Actions. My Social Actions helps our biggest supporters connect with one another and provide feedback on our work.

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Success Stories - Uses Ning to communicate with a global nonprofit network in English, French and Spanish.

Beth Kanter - Posted a Birthday Cause on Facebook and raised $1,206.

Tu Diabetes - Uses Ning to manage a Diabetes support community with 5,000+ members.

In Colombia - Activists posted an event on Facebook that attracted millions to an anti-FARC protest in 104 major cities.

The List - Uses Ning to coordinate grassroots efforts to resettle Iraqi refuges.

Share your success story

If you are using Facebook and/or Ning in an innovative way, please share your experience by leaving a comment in the space provided below.

Note: This blog entry originally appeared in Social Actions' e-newsletter for February 5, 2009. In each issue, we feature a different social media tool and explain how it can be leveraged for social change.

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