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Two years ago, the nonprofit technology sector came together to support an open-source project called A Mashup of 29+ Social Action Platforms – Social Actions (see video below). Through the support of the NetSquared community and related grants and prizes, my team and I were able to attract sufficient funding to give life to a vision I had been promoting for close to a year.

That vision, in a nutshell, is a world formed by acts of generosity, empathy, and creativity, made possible through the creative use of technology and greater collaboration among online platforms serving the nonprofit sector. Specifically, the mission of Social Actions has been to aggregate calls-to-action from a collection of innovative websites, and to make the dataset as a whole available to any third party developer to embed opportunities to make a difference in the websites, social networks, and mobile phones that millions of people use every day.

The journey over the last two years has been remarkable. Social Actions has grown from 14 platform partners at the time of the N2Y3 Mashup Challenge to over 60 partners today. The project has been celebrated, replicated, and most importantly, made use of by countless change-makers who want to get involved in the causes they care about, and understand how Social Actions can help them do just that.

Our greatest challenge over the last two years has had nothing to do with the mechanics of aggregating actions or advocating for open standards in the nonprofit sector (although both can be difficult). My team and I have struggled with attracting adequate funding to sustain our work and with building a viable organization around the collection of programs that make up Social Actions.

Earlier this year, we initiated a community-led effort to develop an integrated funding strategy that would permit Social Actions to fulfill its potential. With the help of community members and longtime supporters, we identified a number of creative ways to support Social Actions’ work. The process of envisioning Social Actions as a fully funded independent organization forced us to reflect on the shifting context around Social Actions’ mission and vision.

We were left with this question: “Does the nonprofit technology sector really need an additional intermediary organization, particularly if the online giving marketplaces and those who fund them are increasingly adopting the language of collaboration and becoming more tech-savvy?” Our answer is, “definitely not.” The various ways in which Social Actions' programs can be funded and made financially sustainable would function just as well within an existing intermediary as in support of a stand-alone organization.

The evolving context in which we are pursuing our work combined with the challenges mentioned above has altered the way Christine and I see Social Actions reaching its potential. Over the next several months, we have decided to invite the individuals, organizations, and foundations that have supported Social Actions to work together in an effort to find a long-term and well-resourced home for the programs we have created together.

Our goal in this transition process is to find an organization or group of organizations that can assume full ownership and responsibility for Social Actions, modifying the individual programs where necessary but keeping the original vision and mission intact. Christine and I have prepared two documents that are designed to streamline the process of finding a new home for Social Actions. Please consider yourself a full partner in co-creating these documents with us. They have been made available with full edit privileges enabled by default for anyone who would like to contribute to the conversation.

Social Actions Transition
- Providing additional context for this desire to find a new home as well as criteria for the organization or group of organizations that have an interest in adopting Social Actions.

Social Actions Partners and Assets
- Providing a comprehensive list of the organizations we consider our partners and the programs we have developed.

Thank you for taking the time to review these documents, sharing your questions and feedback, and helping us ensure that the future of taking action online and offline is easy, organized, and powered by open source software and values.

Flashback to March 2008

Below is the video of my presentation at the NYC New Tech Meetup in March 2008, in which I describe Social Actions and its mission to help people find and share opportunities to make a difference.

A note on my plans for the future

Earlier this year, I would have happily moved with Social Actions into the organization, or group of organizations, where ownership and responsibility for it ends up residing. I have, however, become increasingly open to the idea of taking on new challenges and embarking on new forms of professional development. I have also developed an appetite to focus more of my attention north of the U.S. / Canadian border. A project like Social Actions, which is global, cannot satisfy the desire I currently have to focus my attention on Canada.

For these reasons, plus a hunch that the world of finance is about to become very interesting and very social, I have accepted a fulltime position based in Toronto working in the field of social finance. My responsibilities in the new position will ramp up over the next several weeks. I look forward to sharing details about my new role in the coming days via my personal account on Twitter.

Please know that I plan to stay actively involved in Social Actions as long as I am welcome to do so, and particularly during the period of transition that we are now entering. I will miss interacting on a daily basis with the people and organizations I have befriended over the last several years. I will also miss the sometimes quixotic challenge of making it easier for people to take action anywhere and everywhere.

In a networked nonprofit world, however, I am reassured knowing that staying connected with the community is only an @reply, DM or #hashtag away.


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Comment by Christine Egger on June 10, 2010 at 5:01pm
A quick postscript to what is a "big news" post from Peter. First, it feels wonderful to share these ideas and to be thinking collectively about where these next steps will take Social Actions. Peter and I have held a number of one-on-one calls over the past few weeks with many of you who know Social Actions well (as many as we could fit in, and not nearly as many as we would have liked). The idea of opening up Social Actions' organizational direction, and really thinking creatively about how to meet the funding needs of these programs wherever they may be housed, has been incredibly well-received (although that doesn't mean they might not take some getting used to!).

I hope everyone with ideas, feedback, questions, etc. will make use of this comment thread, the Google documents linked to above, email, phone (I'm 248 787-4917) to chime in on where these next steps should lead. We'll definitely be hosting some open calls, too, and will share those as they're scheduled.

And an in-person meetup in Toronto sounds like a good idea, too, once Peter gets settled :)
Comment by Paul Lamb on June 29, 2010 at 5:20pm
Peter & Christine: First of all congratulations on developing such an amazing product and model for philanthropic actions and collaborations. It's truly groundbreaking work! And it's great how you have made your transition process open and transparent to all. It's obvious that the principles for which Social Actions stands are alive and well.

As for orgs/opportunities to take on or support the ongoing work of Social Actions here are some rough thoughts...
1. An open source-supporting foundation like Mozilla or Shuttleworth taking it on as a project or granting an individual entrepreneur to do it for them and the larger community.
2. A social entrepreneur supporting organization like Echoing Green, Ashoka or Changemakers helping (you) to identify a potential entrepreneur and providing support for someone to keep the org alive and grow it.
3. A "Transition Challenge" and viral campaign targeting the NPTech, netsquared, tech for social good communities, etc. Nothing like an incentive (monetary and reputational) to get people involved! The winners would not only need to find an appropriate partner for social actions, but also come up with the best ideas on what the next iteration of SA should look like.
4. An innovation center like the Hub recruiting an international working group to keep SA alive. Would likely be volunteer (or at least at first) but here's a chance for them to link their global centers. I don't think they currently have such collaborations???

Probably not terribly helpful, but that's my .02

Go well!



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