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Help Tackle Climate Change with Just One Click!

Driven by their commitment to socially responsible actions that have an effect on our local and global community, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is sponsoring a challenge to individuals and organizations. The challenge is simple: propose one great idea to help address the environmental changes in our world. has been given an opportunity to help teachers, who are bent on teaching conservation and empowering their students to understand the importance of going GREEN, to earn money for their classrooms. One click is all it takes to get the word out and vote.

How does it work? Navigate to the Just Means website, scroll down to the section “Empowering Individual Action” until you see the logo. Click on our proposal and VOTE for our project. Voila, you’re done!

What happens if we win? Green Mountain Coffee Roasters will contribute a grant for $200,000 to “Green projects on” that incorporate environmental and conservation studies in the classroom. A few examples of projects like this already on our site include:

1.) A school looking to replace their school bus with one that runs purely on veggie oil
2.) A Chicago teacher who wants to teach her inner city students about the environment by incorporating a hands-on water quality experiment in the curriculum
3.) A South Carolina teacher who is requesting 5 recycling bins to start a recycling program at their school.

Winning this grant would allow to play an integral part in bringing these projects to life and in helping students see the value in ‘going green.’ The polls close on March 21st so please vote today and please spread the word to your friends, families, social networks and co-workers.

Thanks so much for helping students go green! If we do win, we will announce it on this page! Please feel free to contact us with questions daphra (at) donorschoose (dot) org.

Feel free to leave comments on our project proposal page!

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